First ‘Go Jam’ on Saturday, January 30, 1pm EET

This Saturday at 1pm Helsinki time, Jeff, Antti, and Mikkgo will hold a ‘Go Jam’ on Mikkgo’s Twitch channel.

While the content of the stream is of course go-related, the discussion will be less about particular go patterns and more about the philosophical and psychological side of playing the game. As usual, everybody is welcome to follow and participate!

Sunday Problem #34

This is a slightly modified problem from Guanzi Pu. Although most of Guanzi Pu’s content is endgame (it’s even in the collection’s name, or Endgame diagrams), this is clearly a life-and-death problem.

Black to play.

Matias on Uncertainty and Risks

Streamed on Twitch on January 23, 2021.

Sunday Problem #33

Here is an easier problem once in a while, but the large open space inside the black group may still make this a surprisingly difficult read.

This is from the Nihon Ki-In’s 150, or 150 Graded Life-and-Death Problems for 3-Dan Players.

Black to play.

Gote seki
The book mistakenly says that the bump of black …

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Sunday Problem #32

This is an original problem I thought up two days ago. The shape is closely linked to Sunday Problem #31, but this problem highlights an aspect of the base problem that people more rarely think about.

Black to play.

Solution (1)
Black 1 is the correct starting move – even though at first glance it appears to make …

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Oscar on Judging the Value of Territory

Streamed on Twitch on January 9, 2021.

Sunday Problem #31

This problem is from (Hiden Mondaishū, or Secret Problem Collection) by Hon dōjō, whose students include Fujisawa Rina 4p, Ichiriki Ryō 8p, and Shibano Toramaru 9p. The creators of the collection most likely had Igo Hatsuyō-Ron as their model, what with its originally having been a secret of the Inoue school, but having Mynavi openly publish the …

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Sunday Problem #30

Similarly to Sunday Problem #29, this is from the Igo Hatsuyō-Ron.

Black to play.

The solution of this problem involves a very rarely seen technique. Black has very limited space in which to form two eyes, and must therefore get crafty.
The moves 1–6 are commonsensical and, while black 7 looks like bad shape, it is also …

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Featured review: tam1998 v. GoDave89

Made publicly available on December 30, 2020.

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Sunday Problem #29

Since everybody hopefully has a bit more free time at this time of the year, I will briefly continue on the subject of difficult problems.

This problem is from no other than Igo Hatsuyō-Ron, probably the most difficult collection of classic tsumego. In the present day, players aspiring to become professional are the core audience of the book; historically, the …

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