Oscar on Shape and Shortage of Liberties

Streamed on Twitch on September 26, 2020.

European Professional Championship 2020

Edit 25 September: there is now a tournament page with results on European Go Federation’s website.

Tournament details

  1. Tournament with eight players and seven rounds round robin
  2. Pairings and colours are fixed from the start
  3. Games are played on the Pandanet Go Server (igs) with the following parameters: Japanese rules, 6.5 komi, 75 minutes basic time per player, …

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September 24–27: European Professional Championship Twitch Streams

Sorry for the sudden update! This week, on September 24–27, there will be in total seven streams on the European Go Federation Twitch channel, and two of our teachers, Antti and Viktor, will participate in commenting the games.

The tournament participants are, in the order of drawing:

  1. Alexandr Dinershteyn
  2. Ilya Shikshin
  3. Andrii Kravets
  4. Pavol Lisy
  5. Artem Kachanovskyi
  6. Mateusz Surma …

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Sunday Problem #16

This problem is from Xuanxuan Qijing, a Chinese tsumego collection classic from the 14th century; its English translation is named ‘Gateway to All Marvels’. This collection, along with Gokyō Shumyō, forms a set of tsumego books that all aspiring professional players learn by heart.

All problems in Xuanxuan Qijing have a title; this problem is called or ‘An Old Monk Falls in Deep Contemplation’. This shape bears a strong resemblance to Sunday Problem #1, but finally the solution sequences are quite different.

Black to play.

Antti’s Guide to Studying Professional Games

The domain of my old blog, gooften.net, is expiring in a few months, and after giving it some thought I decided I will not renew it. Instead, I am ferrying any useful non-personal material over to nordicgodojo.eu – in the end, this amounted to just this guide and my English-translated bachelor’s thesis.

I posted this guide originally in September …

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Antti’s Bachelor’s Thesis: Building a Human Master

I wrote this bachelor’s thesis originally in Finnish in October 2013 and posted its English version on gooften.net on November 1, 2013. Its language has been slightly modified and improved upon for this re-posting on nordicgodojo.eu.


Expertise is a topical subject in our ever-changing society. This study set out to find what expertise means and how an individual’s …

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Sunday Problem #15

This problem is from a classic tsumego collection by Hon’inbō Shūsai called or Shikatsu Myōki. This name is notoriously difficult to translate into English: while shikatsu means life-and-death, myōki is a Buddhist term referring to excellent adhering to Buddhist teachings. Presumably this is meant in the sense that ‘if you manage to solve all these problems, your reading will …

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Viktor on Ko-riosities #2

Continuation from an earlier lecture.

Streamed on Twitch on September 12, 2020.

Nordic Tournament Report: 2020 Rabbitty Six

With this post, we at ngd are starting a new incentive. We want to support go players and organisers in Nordic countries, and the way we propose to do so is to exchange ngd gift vouchers for tournament reports by organisers.

We offer €40 value (either a half-option subscription or two observer subscriptions) in exchange for a written tournament report …

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Sunday Problem #14

This problem is from my recent teaching game against Daniel Hu 5d in the bga Strong Player Development Programme. A review of the teaching game can be watched here.

Black to play.

Slightly suboptimal solution
Black’s hane of combined with the placement of 3 is a strong combination – however, Black has to be wary of White’s resistance …

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