The Universal Rule of Shape

No matter your intention, shape should always come first!

Sunday Problem #45

This is a classic tesuji problem. I unfortunately don’t know the origin; my source material is a tsumego printout from a dōjō I used to go to when I was insei.

Black to play.

Jeff on Managing Time Pressure

Streamed on Twitch on April 10, 2021.

Sunday Problem #44

This problem is from Nihon Ki-In’s 150, or 150 Graded Life-and-Death Problems for 7-Dan Players.

Although this shape is hardly anything that could occur in a real game, personally I like this problem because of its straightforward and yet extremely non-obvious solution.

Black to play.

Solution (1)
For Black’s first moves, there is nothing else to …

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Sunday Problem #43

This problem is from Guanzi Pu. Black needs to think of an unconventional response to White’s second-line peep on the right side.

Black to play.

Black’s unlikely jump of 1 is correct, and the only choice for the first move. If White cuts with 5 in response, Black can form life in the corner and capture White that way.
However, our reading should not end after black 1, as White still has a resistance available. White 2–6 manage to create a two-step kō for life that Black cannot prevent.
Instead of 3, Black can also pick the move order of 5-6-3-4.

Oscar on Moyō and Whole-Board Plans

Streamed on Twitch on March 27, 2021.

Sunday Problem #42

This problem is of dubious origin. I copied this diagram from a tsumego collection composed by Ishida Yoshio 9p for the 24th Hiratsuka go festival; but, as there are some classic problems within the collection, it is not certain whether this is an original problem by Ishida or not.

Black to play.

Black’s cut of 1 is the …

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Third ‘Go Jam’ on Saturday, March 20, 1pm EET

Today at 1pm Helsinki time, Jeff, Antti, and Mikkgo will host the third ‘Go Jam’ on Mikkgo’s Twitch channel.

While the content of the stream is of course go-related, it is more geared towards the philosophical and psychological side of playing the game rather than particular patterns. Some topics prepared for this time are:

  • dogmatic thinking in go,
  • do weaker players have more fun with the game, and
  • how to deal with winning and losing.

Towards the end of the stream, some Corona Cup 3 games will probably also be reviewed.

As usual, everybody is welcome to follow and participate!

Sunday Problem #41

This is an original tsumego by me. The solution sequence for this is not particularly outstanding, but as a tsumego this has value in that this position can easily result from a particular 3-3 invasion jōseki.

Black to play.

Black’s straightforward attack with 1–5 is correct, and the result is a two-step kō.
Black can also start by attaching at
a, after which white b and 1–5 follow; the result is practically the same.

Jeff on Enduring

Streamed on Twitch on March 13, 2021.

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