Viktor joins the NGD teacher roster

As of today, Viktor Lin 6d is joining ngd as a new teacher! Viktor is of the same player generation as Antti, and has involved himself with many European go initiatives such as the egf academy and the German Youth League.

We are happy to welcome Viktor to our teacher roster, and are confident that ngd students stand to benefit greatly from Viktor’s experience and go insight!


Streamed originally on Twitch. Streams every Friday at 6pm Helsinki time.

Sunday Problem #10

This is the cover problem of Mateusz Surma’s tsumego book series You won’t get dumber while thinking.

Composing go problems is tough work. It can take hours just to come up with one good problem and, once you publish it, the problems themselves are not even copyright-protected – only the problem collection and the answers. This is why I …

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Jeff on Belief in Influence and Thickness

Streamed on Twitch on August 8, 2020.

Area or territory – A brief history of go rules

(The historical information in this article is based on The History of Go Rules by Chen Zuyuan.)

For a game that has mostly remained unchanged through its history, go has a lot of different rulesets. You may have heard of Japanese rules and Chinese rules, but how about Korean rules, aga rules, New Zealand rules, Tromp–Taylor rules, or Ing rules? …

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Sunday Problem #9

Like Sunday Problem #8, this is also from Guanzi Pu.

Black to play.

Correct solution
Black’s 2-1 placement of 1 is the key to solving this problem. 2–6 are White’s correct resistance, and the result is a kō for White’s life.
Black fails
If Black starts with the hane of 1, white 2 lives unconditionally.

NGD online league reminder (August I)

The first August pairing will be made this Saturday, on August 1. If you want to join the online league starting from this round, please register as soon as possible!

We currently have 38 registered participants from 16k to 4d, so we can easily set you up with interesting and challenging training games no matter your playing level!

To see what our students say about us, please check out this review thread.

A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Go


This guide explains the rules and basic tactics of go in a simplified fashion.

The rules and scoring process used in this guide differ in some details to those used in go tournaments, but the core game is the same. We use this simplified interpretation because it makes it easier to understand when a game should end and how …

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Sunday Problem #8

This problem is from Guanzi Pu – possibly my favourite of the classic problem collections thanks to its varied and relatively difficult problems.

While a (most likely illegal) pdf version of the book been posted around on Western go websites, its solutions often seem to be wrong. I would instead recommend interested players to invest in a six-volume physical copy, …

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