Oscar on Stone Efficiency and Sente

Streamed on Twitch on July 10, 2021.

Jeff on Managing Time Pressure – Compilation

This is a compilation of the lecture held on April 10, 2021. Thanks to Mikgo for the editing work!

Sunday Problem #57

This is a classic tsumego that sharp-eyed readers may remember from Hikaru no Go.

Black to play.

Black 1 is the correct starting move; most other killing attempts fail to White playing at 1. Following, after white 2, 3–5 strictly reduce White to one eye.
If white tries 5 instead of 2, then black 4 kills.

Sunday Problem #56

This is a tricky problem that featured in the recent Go JAM. I cannot quite remember the origin of this problem; I vaguely recall seeing this in one of Go Seigen’s tsumego collections, but could not quickly find it again.

Black to play.

First idea
The attachment of 1 is probably the first move that comes to mind, but …

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Oscar on Invasions and Their Trade-offs

Streamed on Twitch on June 26, 2021.

BesoGo viewer updated

Hi folks!

This is just an announcement to let you know that the BesoGo sgf viewer on this site has been slightly updated. There is a new feature: when inside a variation, you can press shift+left to immediately scroll back to the move where the variation branched off. This should make the reading of variations, and the subsequent navigation to the main line of the game slightly easier.

If the feature does not seem to work for you, make sure to make a hard refresh of the page, first (shift+f5).

Thanks to ronm for making this update possible!

Sunday Problem #55

This is a classic problem whose simplified version can for example be found in the Gokyō Shumyō.

This shape can arise from a relatively common corner jōseki where a player invades the opponent’s star-point keima enclosure.

Black to play.

This is the origin of the shape. The triangle-marked stones have been added to prevent Black from getting outer sente moves …

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Sunday Problem #54

This problem is from the Korean tsumego connection , known in Japan as Tenryūzu. The name might be translated into English as ‘Sky Dragon Diagrams’. Most of the problems in the collection are notoriously difficult, making it good practice material for aspiring professional players.

For this Sunday Problem, I tried to pick a relatively easier problem from the …

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Sunday Problem #53

This is an original problem based on a shape that appeared in the yosai v. nussbrot league game.

Technically, this should be called an endgame problem.

Black to play.

Failure (1)
If Black simply captures one stone with 1, White forces 2–3 in sente, then lives in the corner with 4–6.
Failure (2)
Sometimes, an attachment such as …

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