Lukas on Adjusting Your Play to the Score

Streamed on Twitch on July 24, 2021.

Sunday Problem #59

This is a classic life-and-death problem which most readers are probably familiar with. From an endgame point of view, however, the status of the resulting corner shape is quite interesting and worth thinking about.

Black to play.

Black’s failure
Most people know the attachment of black 1, here, but the follow-up with 3 and 5 is wrong: White lives …

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Commented Game: Oscar v. Calvin Sun 1p (Transatlantic Professional Go League)

Our own Oscar Vazquez scored big in the Transatlantic Professional Go League yesterday, getting 2:0 over Calvin Sun of the American Go Association and therefore securing at least the 4th place in his league, ahead of Andrii Kravets 1p (egf). On July 25, Oscar will match off with Artem Kachanovskyi 2p, and, if he gets 2:0 there, too, he will enter the playoffs.

In celebration of Oscar’s win, I am publishing a free commentary of the first game against Calvin. Enjoy!

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Sunday Problem #58

This is a classic tesuji problem.

Black to play.

Because the black stones to the right only have three liberties, the wedge of 1 is the only possible starting move. After white 2, black 3 quickly starts reducing the white stones’ liberties, and, after 7, White is unable to save all of his stones.
White’s resistance
White has …

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Oscar on Stone Efficiency and Sente

Streamed on Twitch on July 10, 2021.

Jeff on Managing Time Pressure – Compilation

This is a compilation of the lecture held on April 10, 2021. Thanks to Mikgo for the editing work!

Sunday Problem #57

This is a classic tsumego that sharp-eyed readers may remember from Hikaru no Go.

Black to play.

Black 1 is the correct starting move; most other killing attempts fail to White playing at 1. Following, after white 2, 3–5 strictly reduce White to one eye.
If white tries 5 instead of 2, then black 4 kills.

Sunday Problem #56

This is a tricky problem that featured in the recent Go JAM. I cannot quite remember the origin of this problem; I vaguely recall seeing this in one of Go Seigen’s tsumego collections, but could not quickly find it again.

Black to play.

First idea
The attachment of 1 is probably the first move that comes to mind, but …

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Oscar on Invasions and Their Trade-offs

Streamed on Twitch on June 26, 2021.