NGD online lecture reminder (June II)

Tomorrow, on June 27 at 1 pm Helsinki time, we will hold the second June lecture on Twitch.

This time we have a special treat: Oscar 6d and Matias 5d, two of our teachers, will play an exhibition game while Jeff and Mikko comment. This is sure to be an entertaining event, so don’t miss it!

As usual, the video of the lecture will be posted on this website afterwards, in case you cannot attend it live.

On the value of sente

Sente, or initiative

Sente is a Japanese go term that roughly translates to ‘initiative’. A ‘sente move’ is a move that your opponent has to respond to, so you can then switch elsewhere on the board if you want to. ‘Having sente’ means that it is your move turn and there is nothing urgent on the board; in other words, …

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Sunday Problem #3

This is a famous tesuji problem.

If you can see the correct move at first glance, you have done your homework well! On the other hand, if you don’t, this can be a difficult nut to crack.

Black to play.

Initially, a and b look like miai: Black can either save her four stones with a and let White …

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NGD online league reminder (June II)

The second June pairing will be made this Saturday, on June 20. If you want to join the online league starting from this round, please register as soon as possible!

We currently have 24 registered participants from 12k to 4d (see the list here), with more incoming, so we can set you up interesting and challenging training games no matter your playing strength!

Always read three moves ahead

A Japanese go adage tells us to always read three moves ahead. This adage is also in use in shōgi and, as I just now found out, in chess as well.

I first learned of the idea a long time ago – probably when I was studying a life-and-death theory book – and quickly dismissed it: isn’t it even better …

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Why you shouldn’t play these extensions anymore?

AI changed a lot how we play, especially in the opening. Some moves simply doesn't exist anymore. Why is that and what should you do instead?

Sunday Problem #2

This Sunday we have a challenging problem.

Problems with lots of open space or big eyes, such as this one, are difficult to read by brute force. Instead, you need to rely on your shape knowledge and, if that doesn’t help, on your shape intuition. The trick is to try to reduce the big and difficult-to-read shape into something smaller and more familiar.

Black to play.

Black 1 and 3 have to be played in this order. Following, black 5 and 7 reduce the white group to only one big eye.

June Lecture I – Lukas on practical tsumego

Streamed on Twitch on June 13, 2020.

NGD online lecture reminder

Starting tomorrow, June 13, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of a month we will hold a lecture on Twitch at 1 pm Helsinki time which all go players are welcome to join.

Tomorrow, our lectures will be kicked off by Lukáš Podpěra 7d, who will go through and explain certain tsumego shapes that occur often in real games – valuable knowledge to all go players!

We hope to see you tomorrow, and invite your friends too!

How to catch cheaters online

I was happy to see that my earlier post on online cheating sparked a lively debate on L19. So far, several different measures for combatting online cheating have been proposed; personally I took a liking to the suggestion of proxy tournaments, described here in Marcel Grünauer’s post.

In unproctored tournament settings, it is always possible for a player …

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