Nordic Go Dojo is an online go school created by Antti Törmänen 1 dan professional and Su Yang 6 dan. We are based on the Nordic Go Academy which ran from 2011 to 2015, and have experience from thousands of game reviews, hundreds of online lectures, and three summer camps from that time.

After Antti became professional in Japan, the ‘academy’ in our name changed to ‘dojo’ and our teacher lineup changed a little. While our name still reads ‘Nordic’, it is only to show our roots – we welcome all go players to study and enjoy the game with us!


Antti Törmänen

Professional 1 dan at the Japan go association

Antti was a European 7 dan and one of the European top players before he passed the Japan Go Association professional exam in 2015. He has reviewed about 2,000 games during his teaching career and published two books: Invisible – The Games of AlphaGo and Rational Endgame.

Antti’s way of teaching emphasises logic, so that the student learns to notice systematic mistakes and biases in their thinking.

Su Yang (‘Jeff ’)

European 6 dan

Jeff is the most experienced of the ngd teachers, and is in fact the teacher of four of our teachers, Antti, Lukáš, Matias, and Oscar. Jeff learned the game in China as a child, and has now been teaching western go players for almost 20 years.

Jeff is famous for teaching the game through entertaining metaphors, and is also quick to grasp the student’s strong and weak points.

Lukáš Podpěra

European 7 dan

Lukáš has dreamt of becoming a professional player since childhood. So far he has had two close shaves in the European professional qualifications in 2014 and 2019, where he lost in the finals, but we are hoping that third time will be the charm.

Lukáš started teaching actively in the recent years, and in 2020 he also hosted the widely popular Corona Cup tournament.

Matias Pankoke

European 5 dan

Matias learned go at a young age from his father. Since then, he has studied the game both in Korea and China, and from 2015 on also under Jeff’s tutelage.

Currently his biggest achievements are finishing 2nd at the u20 championship in 2018 and becoming German vice-champion in 2019, and we are expecting much more from him in the years to come.

Oscar Vázquez

European 6 dan

Oscar has been playing actively in European tournaments since the start of his go career, and he has won for example the European U12 and U16 titles in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Nowadays he is a familiar face at top European events such as the European Championship and the Grand Prix Finale, and more recently he has also started expanding his horizons to teaching the game.

Viktor Lin

European 6 dan

Viktor started playing go around the time Hikaru no Go ended. Since then, he has involved himself in various go projects: he is the founder and former manager of the EGF Academy, subtitler of AlphaGo’s game reviews with Ke jie, English translator at the Fox Go Server, author of the German book series Der etwas andere Zug, and teacher in the German Youth League.

As a player, Viktor’s proudest achievement is taking 4th place at the European Championship 2017 in Oberhof, Germany.


All times are in Helsinki time (eet with summer time).

League standings and pairings updated at the start of each month.

Public lectures on Twitch every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 1 pm.

Jeff and Mikko stream on Twitch on Fridays at 6 pm.