mental adjustments

This game was interesting as my understanding of what was happening in the game is exactly opposite to Antti's.. I have some work to do!

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more bribery

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I bribed Antti for a review

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Online League Questions

I couldn't find answers to these questions, so excuse me if I've missed a page:

- What server are the games played on?
- Time limits?
- Even games or handicap?
- Is there a rank limit?

Training and Fuseki Study

I'm writing here since I thought others might be interested as well, so rather than sending e-mail to Antti, I wanted to ask few things publicly.

Antti mentioned in one kifu newsletters, that he might study sanrensei opening. I am curious how do pro and strong amateur players study fuseki? Does one go through professional games with the fuseki in …

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Idea to make Go more popular

Hello everyone,

I like that Go got now some presence on Twitch and Youtube, but there are possibilities, to gain more attention.
In chess there are now some streamers, with a really growing number at followers (even among many people which where not interested in chess before), cause they are including the followship really good.

They don´t limit their streams …

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GPU setup of the NGD teachers

Hello, I was wondering about the GPU setup of the NGD teachers and how they use AI.

I remember Mikkgo saying in a video from last year that he has a connection to Antti's graphics card.

So do you all have laptops or desktops with powerful GPUs, or do you use ssh to connect to one especially good GPU? Or …

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Game for Antti (How to detect cheaters?)

Antti asked me to upload the game I mentioned in his post - no cheaters were involved in this game.

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Tag links in forum posts don't work (solved)

The forum post "Beneficial to play against AI?" has the tags "training", "ai" and "katago", but clicking them links to empty pages. Tags work fine for blog posts, but apparently not for forum posts.

Beneficial to play against AI?

With how accessible strong AI are, is it worth it to play handicap games against them as a way to get better?

In martial arts there are often set forms that are practiced, Kata. And inspired by this I have been playing alot of handicap games versus KataGo. So far I have gone from not beating katago even with 9 …

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