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Full option – €70 for two months

You receive:

  • a minimum of four reviewed league games during two months,
  • access to the other participants’ reviews, and
  • access to our Discord server.

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Our online league is aimed at people who have limited time to study, but would like to use it as efficiently as possible.

By registering, you get access to our league with free pairing, and you get a minimum of four games reviewed in depth by our teachers. You can also play additional games with our other students, which affect your league ranking and may get reviewed live in our video lectures. Our reviews focus on explaining on a general level how to think about the shapes and whole-board positions that appear. You can read sample reviews here.

League rankings are updated at the start of each month. However, you can join the league in the middle of a month and start playing league games straight away. You can view the list of current participants here.

In addition to the game reviews, you can access other participants’ reviews from your subscription period, and a part of your participation fee is used to fund publicly open video lectures, held twice a month.

If you like what we are doing, you can opt to support us by 20 euro. In exchange, you can choose one of the following:

  • a 30-minute coaching session with Jeff,
  • access to the reviews of the online league from a two-month period, or
  • three months of Antti’s kifu newsletter.


All times are in Helsinki time (eet with summer time).

League standings and pairings updated at the start of each month.

Public lectures on Twitch every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 1 pm.

Jeff and Mikko stream on Twitch on Fridays at 6 pm.