Sunday Problem #58

Published 11 Jul 2021 by antti (last edited 18 Jul 2021)

This is a classic tesuji problem.

Black to play.

Because the black stones to the right only have three liberties, the wedge of 1 is the only possible starting move. After white 2, black 3 quickly starts reducing the white stones’ liberties, and, after 7, White is unable to save all of his stones.
White’s resistance
White has an interesting resistance with 2 in response to black 1. After black 3 and white 4, only Black’s unlikely diagonal of 5 solves the situation; any other move will lead to the black stones’ getting captured. Territorially, too, this outcome is not much worse for White compared to the solution diagram, so if this shape comes up in your game, white 2 has good prospects of confusing your opponent.

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