Sunday Problem #60

Published 25 Jul 2021 by antti (last edited 8 Aug 2021)

This problem is based on a shape that appeared in a recent ngd league game between Sanderbaduk and irglbriz; July league subscribers can view the game here.

Black to play.

The start
Black cannot form two eyes locally, so she has to depend on White’s outer shape problems. 1–2 is a useful preparation, after which black 3 attempts to break through.
Black’s aim
After 1–3, White cannot simply block with 4; if he does, then 5–9 quickly capture White’s cutting stones in a snapback.
White’s resistance
After 1–3, if White wants to make life as difficult for Black as possible (pun intended), he should extend with 4 and 6, trying to contain the Black group on a larger scale. This, however, lets Black set up a living sequence with 7–10, and then . . .
Black lives
. . . with 11–19. Finally, two white stones end up captured and form Black’s second (and third) eye.

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Solution added. Sorry for the one-week delay!