Winrate graphs in AI-analysed games; and sample NGD game review

Published 27 Jun 2020 by antti (last edited 3 Oct 2020)

Courtesy of Mikho, posts on this website now show rudimentary winrate graphs for ai-analysed games. This feature is still work in progress; there is a plan to also include KataGo scoreMeans in the graphs, as well as interaction between the graph and the sgf reader. Still, even now in this intermediate form, the graph should be a welcome addition in giving a better idea on what were the key moments and mistakes of analysed games!

You can view the graph in action in a sample review from our online league, shown below.

Edit July 2, 2020: the graph is now updated to show KataGo scoreMeans, and – courtesy of pouta – also shows a red bar at the current move number.

Download kifu

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