NGD: statistics two months after launch

Published 7 Jul 2020 by antti (last edited 7 Jul 2020)
tags: statistics

It has now been two month since the launch of our website, and we have now settled down pretty well. Below are what our Google Analytics statistics look like after two months.

  • This post included, so far there are 121 posts and 111 comments on the website – up from 27 and 39 in the first monthly statistics post one month ago. (Some of the posts and comments are only visible to subscribers.)
  • 71 visitors have created accounts for themselves – up from 46 from one month ago.
  • The site has had 1,700 unique visitors as of May 20 (up from 624).
  • During the past week, there were exactly 384 visitors; this makes 55 visitors per day on average. These numbers are only up by 23 and 3, respectively, from one month ago, possibly because of the slightly smaller number of posts recently.
  • After the front page (3,950 page loads – up from 1207), the most popular page is Current Online League Participants at 1,041 (up from 498) page loads.
  • The most popular article is still Train of Thought: Part One at 490 page loads (up from 325).
  • The United States have overtaken Finland in terms of the biggest share of online sessions, at 21.9% (previously 19.0%). Finland now comes second at 20.6% (previously 24.2%). Third is Japan at 10.6 % (previously 12.1%) – still probably made up of my own visits – and Germany has now claimed a clear fourth place at 9.7% (previously unlisted).
  • 58.3% of online sessions are via computer (up from 56.8%) and 40.2% via mobile phone (down from 42.1%). Tablets still make up a surprisingly low share of 1.5% (up from 1.1%).
  • There are 35 students in the recently started ngd online league, and in total 37 games have been played during the past month.
  • 16 of the online league games have been reviewed by me, with our newest teacher, Oscar, as the runner-up at 11 reviews.

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