Help Ukrainian children participate in the European Youth Go Championship 2023!

Published 26 Jan 2023 by antti (last edited 1 Feb 2023)
tags: announcement

Campaign over, funds gathered: €1250

I have been in touch with Catalin Taranu, who is helping organise the European Youth Go Championship 2023. As can be expected, the financial situation of the Ukrainian players is rather grim, and Catalin is looking into the possibility of renting a bus to pick up Ukrainian participants and driving them to Ankara, Türkiye, where the tournament is held.

Me and Jeff have decided to sponsor the Ukrainian players with €120 each, under the name of the Nordic Go Dojo. When bringing up the topic on the NGD Discord, several students also seemed interested, so we held a brief NGD fund gathering before I send the money to Catalin. As you can see above, the campaign was extremely successful, and we now hope that thanks to it a large number of Ukrainian children will be able to participate!

Thanks to everybody who donated, or wanted to donate but couldn’t due to their financial situation!

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