Sunday Problem #8

Published 26 Jul 2020 by antti (last edited 3 Sep 2020)

This problem is from Guanzi Pu – possibly my favourite of the classic problem collections thanks to its varied and relatively difficult problems.

While a (most likely illegal) pdf version of the book been posted around on Western go websites, its solutions often seem to be wrong. I would instead recommend interested players to invest in a six-volume physical copy, which can for example be bought from Hebsacker Verlag.

Black to play.

Correct solution
Black’s hane of 1 is the correct first move, and white 2 is the strongest resistance. After 6, a kō fight is formed for the life of the white group.
White fails
For some reason, this white 2 is often given as White’s strongest resistance in this problem. However, black 3–5 then kill the white group unconditionally, so this result is inferior to White compared to the one above.

Comments (2)

antti wrote 10 months, 3 weeks ago:

Solution added.

VesaLaa wrote 10 months, 2 weeks ago:

I might have a gross blind spot, but Black J19 seems to threat either a connection or a throw-in.