Sunday Problem #16

Published 20 Sep 2020 by antti (last edited 27 Sep 2020)

This problem is from Xuanxuan Qijing, a Chinese tsumego collection classic from the 14th century; its English translation is named ‘Gateway to All Marvels’. This collection, along with Gokyō Shumyō, forms a set of tsumego books that all aspiring professional players learn by heart.

All problems in Xuanxuan Qijing have a title; this problem is called or ‘An Old Monk Falls in Deep Contemplation’. This shape bears a strong resemblance to Sunday Problem #1, but finally the solution sequences are quite different.

Black to play.

Black’s wedge-descent combination of 1–3 is the key to solving this problem. Following, white 4 can present a surprising challenge, aiming to make the corner white stones live, but Black’s throw-in of 5 solves this problem.
Note that if instead of 5 Black attaches at
a, white 6 can start a kō fight.

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Solution added.


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