NGD online league restarted

Published 24 May 2020 by antti (last edited 24 May 2020)

From June 2020 on, we are reinstating the ngd online league. Our core service remains the same, but we have made a few modernisations:

  • KataGo analysis (on 200 playouts) is provided along the ‘human comments’, and
  • our lectures are changed to video format and are open to everybody, even non-participants.

We hope that the change to our lecture format will help attract more new people to the game. Also, since we have reduced the amount of ‘exclusive’ content, we have lowered our two-month participation fees to €40 and €80 (from €50 and €90). We are confident you will not find more cost-efficient professional go teaching anywhere on the internet!

For more detailed information, please check out our online league page.

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