NGD online league reminder (June I)

Published 5 Jun 2020 by antti (last edited 7 Jun 2020)

The ngd online league restarts this weekend, and the first pairing is made tomorrow, on June 6. If you want to join for this round, please register as soon as possible! You can view current registered participants here.

Note that in our updated format there are no registration deadlines for the online leagues. You can join whenever you want, after which your subscription is valid for two months. During these two months, you will play either four or eight games depending on your intensity option, and you will have access to the other participants’ reviews.

New pairings are made every 1st and 3rd Saturday of a month; if you dislike waiting, you can think of these as the new ‘registration deadlines’.

The open-to-all lectures will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 1 pm Helsinki time. More practical information regarding these lectures will be published later.

I am currently working on an event calendar that also lists articles in a monthly view. I hope to get the calendar online as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow.

Edit June 7: the calendar is now up and working!

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