NGD Christmas Toroid Tournament on December 27

Published 19 Dec 2020 by antti (last edited 27 Dec 2020)

List of registered participants

Introduction to toroid go


Format: Four-person leagues, followed by a knockout tournament with max. 8 players.

If two players get the same number of wins in a league, the winner of the mutual game advances to the knockout tournament.

If three players get the same number of wins in a league, they all advance. An exception is if this would lead to 9 or more people joining the knockout tournament; if this would happen, the knockout tournament is instead filled up to 8 players randomly from all the tied players.

Prizes: ngd gift vouchers: 1st place €40, 2nd place €20 (these can be used for ngd online league subscriptions, e-book copies of Antti’s books, and offline reviews of freely chosen games for €20 apiece)

Rules: vgs rules (area scoring = dames are worth points), 13×13 board, time limits 5 minutes main time with a 10-second Fischer increment, komi 3.5 points


Following the Pixel Go Tournament, the ngd will sponsor a 13×13 toroid tournament on December 27 19:00–22:00 eet (Helsinki time), held on the Variant Go Server programmed by seequ.

In toroid go, there are no edges: for example, on a 13×13 board the coordinates a7 and n7 are next to each other horizontally, and so are g1 and g13 vertically.

Participation is free, and the top two places will receive €40 and €20 respectively as ngd vouchers which can be used for online league participation, offline reviews of games (€20 apiece), or digital copies of Antti’s books.

The tournament uses Variant Go Server rules, namely Chinese scoring (neutral intersections are worth points) and positional superko.

White receives a seemingly small komi of 3.5 points. This is because in toroid go, it is difficult for the players to surround territory, reducing the value of a player having the first move.

Time limits are 5 minutes main time + 10 seconds Fischer increment.

If the total number of participants is 32 or less, the tournament is held in two stages. First, participants are divided into leagues of 4 players each, in which everybody plays each other. A number of players, depending on the number of leagues, will then proceed to a knockout tournament to determine the winner. If the total number of players is 33–64, a pure knockout tournament will be held.

Tournament-related information and pairings will be sent to all participants by email on the day of the tournament. Throughout the event, our Twitch channel will be live, communicating tournament information and briefly commenting on the games. Tournament participants are also encouraged (but not strictly required) to follow the stream.

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