Sunday Problem #29

Published 20 Dec 2020 by antti (last edited 3 Jan 2021)

Since everybody hopefully has a bit more free time at this time of the year, I will briefly continue on the subject of difficult problems.

This problem is from no other than Igo Hatsuyō-Ron, probably the most difficult collection of classic tsumego. In the present day, players aspiring to become professional are the core audience of the book; historically, the book was a secret of the Inoue go school, designed for the training of the highest-calibre students of the school.

Among the 183 problems, there are some which are not completely inhuman; I have attempted to pick such problems for Sunday Problems #29 and #30.

Black to play.

1–4 are a straightforward enough start for the solution sequence; the main problem is what Black should do then.
Black 5 can be called the key to solving this problem, and is the only move that makes the black group survive. After black 7 and 9, White cannot prevent Black from forming two eyes.

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