Sunday Problem #30

Published 27 Dec 2020 by antti (last edited 3 Jan 2021)

Similarly to Sunday Problem #29, this is from the Igo Hatsuyō-Ron.

Black to play.

The solution of this problem involves a very rarely seen technique. Black has very limited space in which to form two eyes, and must therefore get crafty.
The moves 1–6 are commonsensical and, while black 7 looks like bad shape, it is also good for trying to develop the shape into a seki. White 8 is the strongest resistance; if White plays 9 instead, then black 8 will live.
Following, black 11, 13, and 15 are the key combination for solving this problem. Black sets up an exquisite double capture with ‘a’ next, which will give her two ways of forming two eyes. If instead of 15 Black straightforwardly played at ‘a’, her group would end up captured.

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