Table: Japanese go terms and their translations

Published 8 Jun 2020 by antti (last edited 24 Jun 2020)
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This table is an attempt to list all go terms, Japanese or otherwise, used on this website, along with their English translations and sample diagrams.

I will attempt to populate this list little by little, and when it has enough content I will also add a link to it in the right-side bar.

While I am populating the list, I would appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes or terms I have forgotten in the comments section. Thank you!

Japanese termDirect translationEnglish termExample
decome outpush through
gotefollowing movegote (losing the initiative)
haicrawlcrawl (rarely also push)
hikidraw-backdraw or pull back
kifugame record (of a shōgi or go game)game record
kikashiseasoninggood exchange
miaicounterbalancemiai (a pair of interchangeable moves)
sentepreceding movesente (having the initiative)
sujithread (of thought)(technique)
takefuBamboo jointbamboo joint
tecchūiron pillariron pillar
tedomariend of moveslast move
tesujikey movetesuji
tsukiatariend of a streetbump
tsumegogo problemlife-and-death problem
tsupparitension pole

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