Sunday Problem #42

Published 21 Mar 2021 by antti (last edited 28 Mar 2021)

This problem is of dubious origin. I copied this diagram from a tsumego collection composed by Ishida Yoshio 9p for the 24th Hiratsuka go festival; but, as there are some classic problems within the collection, it is not certain whether this is an original problem by Ishida or not.

Black to play.

Black’s cut of 1 is the only promising starting move, and 2 is White’s strongest resistance; white 6 instead would get easily captured by black 4.
Following, Black needs to be careful to realise to continue with 3. Black 5 then sets up a liberty problem for White in the corner, and after black 7 White has no way to survive.
If Black carelessly plays the atari of 3 instead, White fights back with 4. After this, there is no way for Black to capture White unconditionally.

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