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On the value of sente

Sente, or initiative

Sente is a Japanese go term that roughly translates to ‘initiative’. A ‘sente move’ is a move that your opponent has to respond to, so you can then switch elsewhere on the board if you want to. ‘Having sente’ means that it is your move turn and there is nothing urgent on the board; in other words, …

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Always read three moves ahead

A Japanese go adage tells us to always read three moves ahead. This adage is also in use in shōgi and, as I just now found out, in chess as well.

I first learned of the idea a long time ago – probably when I was studying a life-and-death theory book – and quickly dismissed it: isn’t it even better …

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Table: Japanese go terms and their translations

This table is an attempt to list all go terms, Japanese or otherwise, used on this website, along with their English translations and sample diagrams.

I will attempt to populate this list little by little, and when it has enough content I will also add a link to it in the right-side bar.

While I am populating the list, I …

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Thread of Thought, Part Two

This article is continuation from Part One.

Below, I will show how I read out a go problem by example – but before that, we should establish definitions for certain Japanese terms.

Suji, or technique

The word suji holds many meanings in the Japanese language. Originally it meant ‘muscle’ or ‘sinew’, but gradually it also came to mean other …

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Fifteen Shades of Nobi

The nobi is a common Japanese go term that is usually translated as ‘extension’, or more rarely as ‘stretch’. It denotes a move played directly next to one’s own stone, usually with the intention of increasing its liberties.

Although ‘extension’ is a viable translation for the Japanese term, ‘nobi’ is still sometimes heard in English go jargon. This is possibly …

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