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Sunday Problem #9

Like Sunday Problem #8, this is also from Guanzi Pu.

Black to play.

Correct solution
Black’s 2-1 placement of 1 is the key to solving this problem. 2–6 are White’s correct resistance, and the result is a kō for White’s life.
Black fails
If Black starts with the hane of 1, white 2 lives unconditionally.

Sunday Problem #8

This problem is from Guanzi Pu – possibly my favourite of the classic problem collections thanks to its varied and relatively difficult problems.

While a (most likely illegal) pdf version of the book been posted around on Western go websites, its solutions often seem to be wrong. I would instead recommend interested players to invest in a six-volume physical copy, …

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Sunday Problem #7

Black to play.

The result may look like a seki at first glance, but White is actually dead in a bulky five shape.


Hekomi is a Japanese go term that is fairly often used in Japanese go jargon, but is virtually nonexistent in its English counterpart. ‘Hekomi’ is usually translated ‘dent’ or ‘depression’; but in go terms, I find the former translation not very descriptive while the latter will get confused with the mental state. ‘Hollow’ would make for a more fitting noun …

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Sunday Problem #5

Black to play.

Black’s sacrifice technique with 3 and 5 is the key. This provides the two other black stones an extra liberty that allows Black to win a local capturing race with 7–11.

Sunday Problem #4

This problem was created by Lee Eodeokdung 1p. He showed to me at the European Go Congress 2017, and it quickly became one of my favourite tsumego.

Black to play.

White 2 is the strongest resistance to Black’s attachment of 1. Following...
...after black 7, White dies in a double ko. This is still better for White than dying unconditionally, as the group will supply infinite ko threats.

Original tsumego #1

Black to play; find the best result for both players.



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