Sunday Problem #13

Published 30 Aug 2020 by antti (last edited 8 Sep 2020)

This problem is from the Japanese tsumego collection, or ‘Collection of Shūkō’s tsumego masterpieces’ by Fujisawa Hideyuki (whose first name can also be read as ‘Shūkō’).

I have received some feedback that the Sunday problems have been too difficult, so this week I tried to pick a slightly easier problem. Still, in my opinion it is not fun if the problem can be solved at a glance, so I tried to pick a problem that has many branching variations but does not involve very complicated techniques.

Black to play.

Probably the hardest part about this problem is figuring out where to start. This task is made easier if we notice that, after this white 1, no combination of two black moves will kill the white group. Therefore, Black’s first move must be at 1.
After black 1, White has several resistance sequences available, but finally none of them work. This sequence from 2 to 9 is probably the most complicated, but finally the white group dies.

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