Sunday Problem #26

Published 29 Nov 2020 by antti (last edited 6 Dec 2020)

With this post, we have reached half a year’s worth of Sunday problems! In case you haven’t noticed, this page (the link is under the ‘material’ tab and also on the right-side bar) lists all the Sunday problems in easily accessible form.

This problem is from the Japanese book (Tatsujin no tsumego), or Expert’s Tsumego. According to the book, a Japanese 2d (so perhaps a European 2k) should be able to solve this problem in 10 minutes.

Black to play.

The tricky part about this problem is the sacrifice technique of 5, which can become a blind spot. For example black 4 instead of 5 will only manage to start a kō for White’s life.

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Solution added.