NGD: statistics one month after launch

Published 6 Jun 2020 by antti (last edited 6 Jun 2020)
tags: statistics

It has now been a little over one month since the launch of the new website, and I think we have been highly successful.

On May 20 I added some basic Google Analytics meters for analysing our reader base. Below are some of the more interesting statistics.

  • This post included, so far there are 27 posts and 39 comments on the website.
  • 46 visitors have created accounts for themselves.
  • The site has had 624 unique visitors as of May 20.
  • During the past week, there were exactly 361 unique visitors; this makes 52 visitors per day on average.
  • After the front page (1207 page loads), the most popular page is Current Online League Participants at 498 page loads.
  • The most popular article is Train of Thought: Part One at 325 page loads.
  • Finland has the biggest share of online sessions at 24.2%. After this come the United States at 19.0%. Third is Japan at 12.1%, and I believe this number is mostly made up of my visits.
  • 56.8% of online sessions are via computer and 42.1% via mobile phone. However, because my 12% share of the sessions is almost completely via computer, this means that computers and mobile phones are actually pretty much tied. Tablets make up a surprisingly low share of 1.1%.
  • The duration of the average session is 4 minutes, 28 seconds. However, 45.2% of visitors leave the site almost immediately (hopefully because of there having been no new articles), so the corrected average duration is more like 9 minutes, 53 seconds.

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