2nd Corona Cup starts on November 2

Published 24 Oct 2020 by antti (last edited 24 Oct 2020)
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We are happy to announce the 2nd Corona Cup, organised by ngd teacher Lukáš Podpěra, which will be held from November 2 to December 15. Now that many countries are again seeing an increase in COVID-19 infections, we feel that serious online tournaments such as the Corona Cup are important for the go community as a whole. This time, the tournament is part of the 2020 European Grand Prix as a bonus point c class tournament.

Two of our other teachers, me and Jeff, will work in the tournament anti-cheating department to ensure fair play. Our work and research during the past half a year has provided us with improved tools to analyse games for traces of cheating, and now that online cheating is more common than ever, we will monitor the tournament results and games closely to prevent cheating and ensure that everybody can have an enjoyable tournament. Also, as required by the egf, 5d players and above have to make a camera recording of their play to further help prevent cheating.

Besides our work input, the ngd are also sponsoring the tournament prize pool by €300.

Below is the tournament poster with further details. You can download the pdf file here.

Your browser is unable to show pdf files. Click here to download the file instead!

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