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Announcing Gokyō Shūmyō: Special Edition

Edit, March 11 2023: 10€ fee added to shipments to the United States due to higher shipping costs

TL;DR: I’m now selling author’s handmade special editions of the English Gokyō Shūmyō, as visible above! One copy costs €80 including worldwide shipping; except, for shipments to the United States, the price is €90 (due to higher shipping costs). When ordering multiple …

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Help Ukrainian children participate in the European Youth Go Championship 2023!

Campaign over, funds gathered: €1250

I have been in touch with Catalin Taranu, who is helping organise the European Youth Go Championship 2023. As can be expected, the financial situation of the Ukrainian players is rather grim, and Catalin is looking into the possibility of renting a bus to pick up Ukrainian participants and driving them to Ankara, Türkiye, where …

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Major Change: NGD Online League and Kifu Newsletter Merge

Happy New Year 2023 on behalf of the Nordic Go Dojo!

The ngd online league was originally started in June 2020 to provide go players with an online platform for serious training games, together with the possibility to get said games reviewed by our strong teachers. At the busiest point, in April 2021, we had a total of 51 participants. …

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Help Support Antti’s Return to Japan!

Funds gathered: 1,390€/2,000€

Edit (19 Aug): Thanks for your support, everybody! It is now confirmed that I can board the flight on 24 August to Tokyo, and my live teaching game schedule up until then is now full. The offline reviews are still available, if you are interested!

This July and August I am briefly visiting Europe – mainly to …

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English Edition of Gokyō Shūmyō Published

As of today, my English edition of Gokyō Shūmyō is available from Hebsacker Verlag in physical form, and from Gumroad as a pdf ebook.

From the back cover:

Gokyō Shūmyō is one of the most famous collections of go problems, containing 520 classic tesuji problems compiled and published by Hayashi Genbi in 1812. Its contents are divided into the categories …

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EGC2022 Needs You!

After a two-year break, this year there will again be a European Go Congress – this time in picturesque Vatra Dornei, Romania.

Unfortunately, both the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have cut deeply into the number of registrants: there are almost no Ukrainian, Russian, or Asian participants registered at the time of writing. The total count is also …

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Online League Restarts on February 1

Happy New Year, folks!

As many of you will be happy to hear – we have had a good number of inquiries – the ngd Online League will restart on February 1 with a number of changes. Initially our plan was to restart already on January, so we’re sorry for the wait! (You can register here!)

First off, here …

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Online League on break for November and December

Brief announcement: this year, November and December will be break months for the online league. We teachers will then have a short breather and also think of ways to improve the programme in 2022.

Currently it is still possible to join for the regular two months in September and October: the full option is €80 and the half option €50. After the September league starts, we take one-month subscriptions for October: these are €40 for the full option and €25 for the half option.

BesoGo viewer updated

Hi folks!

This is just an announcement to let you know that the BesoGo sgf viewer on this site has been slightly updated. There is a new feature: when inside a variation, you can press shift+left to immediately scroll back to the move where the variation branched off. This should make the reading of variations, and the subsequent navigation to the main line of the game slightly easier.

If the feature does not seem to work for you, make sure to make a hard refresh of the page, first (shift+f5).

Thanks to ronm for making this update possible!

NGD Online League Turns One; League Price Changes

It has soon been exactly one year since we started the current ngd online league – which itself was based on the Nordic Go Academy program we held in 2011–2015.

At the time of writing, we have done 601 game reviews. 325 of these are by yours truly, with Oscar being the second most prolific teacher at 158 reviews. In …

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