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How should we learn from the AI?

My recent work got me again thinking about the nature of learning and understanding. More precisely, I got interested in thinking about the best way to use the ai in go studies.

Recent research (for example, Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman) suggests that expertise in a domain is not a single skill but rather a large collection of …

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Antti’s Guide to Studying Professional Games

The domain of my old blog,, is expiring in a few months, and after giving it some thought I decided I will not renew it. Instead, I am ferrying any useful non-personal material over to – in the end, this amounted to just this guide and my English-translated bachelor’s thesis.

I posted this guide originally in September …

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A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Go


This guide explains the rules and basic tactics of go in a simplified fashion.

The rules and scoring process used in this guide differ in some details to those used in go tournaments, but the core game is the same. We use this simplified interpretation because it makes it easier to understand when a game should end and how …

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