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TelegraphGo wins 1st Pixel Go Tournament

The first-ever pixel go tournament just concluded, with TelegraphGo emerging as the winner and ‘roflmao’ as the runner-up! The two get ngd vouchers of €80 and €40, respectively, for their go studies. The record of the final game can be viewed below.

Thanks for all players for participating and for the lively discussion we had in the Twitch stream! We hope to hold another go variant tournament in the not-too-far future.

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Pixel Go 102

Following up from Pixel Go 101, here is a commented, relatively higher-level pixel go game that you can study as preparation for the Pixel go tournament.

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Pixel Go 101

Now that the pixel go tournament is approaching, it is time to cover some basic pixel go tactics. Me and Mikkgo and a few other Finnish players have ‘played’ pixel go for over 10 years – fairly rarely, to be sure, but this has still been enough time to come up with some standard patterns.

Let’s start with the basics. …

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Pixel Go Tournament Details

The first-ever Pixel Go Tournament will be held this Saturday (October 31), 12–15 o’clock Helsinki Time (eet, or gmt+2) on the Variant Go Server. Participation is free, and the top two places will receive €80 and €40 respectively as ngd vouchers which can be used for online league participation, offline reviews of games (€20 apiece), or …

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World’s First Pixel Go Tournament on October 31

Registration and tournament details

List of registered participants

On October 31, we will hold the first-ever Pixel Go Tournament on the Variant Go Server programmed by seequ! This tournament is free for everybody to participate, and the top two players will each get an ngd voucher for use in their studies. Besides ngd league participations, they can also be …

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Go Variant Server

As we know, recently the prevalence of go ai software has made it hard to organise tournaments online. If you organise a tournament with no surveillance, ai-users will inevitably pop up; and if you want to organise a prestigious and serious tournament, you have to do something like the 2020 Korea Prime Minister’s Cup, where all participants are required …

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